Here’s some of Flatlanders Inn’s most important values:

  • Following Jesus Christ with our Whole Lives

We believe that everything is spiritual and so everything we do can be an expression of worship. Our bodies, thoughts, emotions, spirits, possessions, how we live, and even our society matter to our faith and to God.

  • Being Real, Open, and Vulnerable with Each Other

Honesty is so much better than trying to hide our insecurities, weaknesses, and struggles. When we’re real about where we’re at, we can help each other out.

  • Rhythm and Balance in:

Prayer, work, service, learning, rest, play. It is important to have a regular rhythm in all these areas of life. We’re creating a place where we can all work on these areas and help maintain a good balance between them all.

  • Our Neighbourhood

We live where we do on purpose. We love this neighbourhood and want to see its good parts flourish and its troubles transformed.

  • Beauty in Unlikely Places

We believe that God has put beauty everywhere and that each person in some way reflects his or her Creator. We want to discover this in each other, and uncover the beauty that is often hidden around us. Also, we think there are many beautiful parts of this neighbourhood that are overlooked because it has a bad reputation; we want to stand up to this.

  • Sharing Resources

We think that sharing stuff is simply a smart way to live. It makes sense to us. Some of us have many resources,  others have few. Some have gifts, wisdom or knowledge that others do not.  What we have, we’ve been given to use wisely in community and we want to share.

  • Sustainability

We want to be here for years to come. We also want every Flatlander to develop a way of life that is not destructive, and that they can maintain over a long period of time.

  • Non-Violence

Jesus modeled a way of life that did not use violence to accomplish any task. In fact, His death showed just how corrupt and wrong violence is. In a neighbourhood where violence might be an expected method of dealing with conflict, we actively explore alternatives.

  • Hospitality

We’re striving to live open and welcoming lives. Of course there are boundaries, but we’ll welcome just about anyone once!

  • Growth and Learning

We all have areas in our lives that we need to grow in. We want to learn about these areas and help each other grow stronger together.

  • Caring for Creation and Environmental Stewardship

Creation is a gift from God and humans are caretakers of the earth. We want to be conscious of how we live,  realizing that this not only effects those around us, but the earth itself.

Flatlanders Inn is part of the Vineyard church; so we share common values, traditions, biblical understanding, people, and space with the church.