There are four types of people that comprise the Flatlanders Inn community:

  1. Leadership Team

  2. Transitional Members

  3. Intern Members

  4. Flatlander Friends

Leadership Team

This group of people comprises the stable core and leadership within the Flatlanders Inn community. They oversee the daily, weekly and monthly tasks involved in community living and are responsible for making sure the community is functioning well on a daily basis. They also seek to model the values of the community and to influence the tone and climate of the community in helpful ways. The leadership team also checks in regularly with other members of the community to provide accountability and support as well as facilitate connections to other resources and programs in the city.

Most of the leadership team live at 782 Main Street. On and off-site leaders have chosen to make Flatlanders Inn a priority in their life and routine and are present to community members on a consistent basis.

Flatlanders Inn also employs an administrator, who is very involved in the intake and tenancy aspects of the community.

Transitional Members

Transitional members are part of Flatlanders Inn for shorter periods (usually less than a year), and are considered “at risk of homelessness.” It is our hope that being part of Flatlanders Inn will help these community members develop a wider network of support that will remain with them even after they move out. We also hope that joining the community will help transitional members acquire the skills and supports necessary to find and sustain their own housing when they leave. Addressing the deeper issues that have brought instability and risk of homelessness into their lives is an integral part of living in the community.

Each transitional member has a ‘point person;’ someone with whom they connect regularly and with whom they have a deeper relationship of accountability. Transitional members are invited to join Flatlanders Inn by the leadership team and by the community as a whole. There is an application process that includes references, goal setting, and a “get to know each other” period.

Interns and supportive community members

Intern and community supporters  join Flatlanders Inn as learners and servants. We have offered formal and informal placements to singles, couples, and families who have been interested in exploring Flatlanders Inn. Below are some options that have existed over the years.

The formal internship involves significant immersion into community life for eight months (September thru April). These interns are often 18-25 years of age and single. They help the leadership team in many ways and accompany transitional members on their journeys. They also engage in tailored study and develop projects that support community or church life.  Personal growth and process issues are discussed with each interns’ assigned point person.

An exploratory internship is available for older persons, couples, or families. These interns are exploring what life in community is like, or wish to learn about various dynamics in our neighborhood firsthand. We invite explorers to journey with us for short periods (usually 6-12 months). We benefit from their experience, leadership, and service while sharing the joys and challenges of community life.

All intern members are invited by the leadership team. They must provide references.  They must also value the heart of Flatlanders Inn. This is best discerned through conversations, visits, and prayer. These Flatlanders must be initiative-takers and be able to function without close supervision. All interns are essential to the daily tasks of community life and understand the need for reliability, availability, commitment, and flexibility.

Interested in an internship? Get in touch with us.

Flatlander Friends

Flatlander friends are the supportive community that surrounds Flatlanders Inn. Some are from the Vineyard church; others are from the neighbourhood or from different churches, agencies, and programs. Some provide specific services and skills in budgeting, crafts, anger management, conflict resolution, prayer ministry, worship circles, and counseling. Others are simply friends and eat together, go to movies, and worship with those who live at Flatlanders Inn. Flatlander Friends provide the community with a wider circle from which to draw strength and encouragement.

Interested in being a Flatlander friend, or getting more info? Get in touch with us.