How We Live


There are two things which guide the way we aspire to live in community at Flatlanders Inn:
our Code of Living and our Rule of Life (both below).

Code of Living

The purpose of the Flatlanders Inn Code of Living is to provide some boundaries that will help every member of the community on their journeys towards personal growth and health, all the while maintaining a safe and supportive atmosphere for everyone. It is the minimum standard required of everyone who lives in the community. It is a starting point from which to work towards personal goals and the Flatlanders Inn “Rule of Life.” The Code of Living can be summed up like this:

  • Respect Others

  • Respect the Physical Space

Specifically this means that each member of Flatlanders Inn will:

  1. Embrace community life and personal growth
  2.  Be working on personal growth goals
  3. Cooperate with the values of Flatlanders Inn
  4. Respect the leadership of Flatlanders Inn
  5. Maintain cleanliness in personal and public areas
  6. Be attentive to responsibilities and chores
  7. Pay room/board fees on time
  8. Refrain from using violence towards people or the building
  9. Not sexually harass or abuse anyone
  10. Avoid verbal aggression and threats
  11. Not call people down based on race, sex, or other differences
  12. Avoid using or possessing illegal drugs, or misusing prescription drugs
  13. Avoid drunkenness or inebriation (either inside or outside the building)
  14. Not engage in prostitution or related activities
  15. Not possess or store firearms or other weapons
  16. Refrain from gang-related activity

Everyone who is living in Flatlanders Inn agrees to these standards. They are in place for the health and safety of each person, and to help foster a positive living environment for all. Failure to adhere to any aspect of the “Code of Living” is grounds for eviction.

Rule of Life

Rules of life were first used about 1,400 years ago by early Christians who lived in monasteries. They are simple, practical documents that describe a way of life that those in a monastery or a community live by. They are neither a heavy set of laws or commandments that one can break, nor are they a contract. Rather, they are a way of measuring personal growth, a way of setting goals, and a tool for self-reflection. We envision the Flatlanders Inn rule of life as a covenant that we are all journeying towards together.

Our Rule of Life describes some areas in which we value growth in which we hope to see every member  of Flatlanders Inn grow. If our “Code of Living” is the bare minimum, then our “Rule of Life” comprises our goals; what we hope to someday achieve and are currently working towards. It can be summed up like this:

  • Respect God

  • Respect Others

  • Respect Yourself

  • Respect Creation

 Specifically we are working towards:

  1. Eating together regularly
  2. Working together regularly
  3. Serving each other and our neighbours
  4. Learning healthy ways of having fun
  5. Discovering, developing, and using our gifts and talents
  6. Growing in our spiritual journeys, including diverse forms of prayer and worship.
  7. Finding a sense of value and identity within our community and ourselves
  8. Being vulnerable
  9. Practicing humility
  10. Practicing sound financial management
  11. Developing positive anger management and conflict resolution skills
  12. Growing in life skills and capacity building
  13. Becoming part of a wider social support network