If you’re interested in living at Flatlanders Inn, it’s important to know that we have a relational process to discern whether there’s a “fit” (living in our community isn’t for everyone – it takes time for applicants to know if Flatlanders is what they really want, and for those who already live here to get to know someone they’ll be sharing life and space with).

We are making intentional decisions to live differently and offer ourselves to one another. It’s because of this that the process can’t be too rushed and usually takes a couple months. To initiate the process of becoming a transitional member, here are the  steps to take.

Step 1 – Call our administrator to arrange a visit.

                        (204-338-FLAT, ext. 200)

  • To get a sense of our community, it’s helpful to get a tour and then come round and meet us. Contact us about visiting.

Step 2 – Apply

  • After a few visits, you complete an application (with our administrator) and receive the Community Handbook
  • At this step we are starting to envision the mutual relationship between you and Flatlanders (What do we have to offer each other?)

Step 3 – Demonstrate Commitment

  • Keep visiting and connecting – an applicant’s initiative and ongoing desire to live at Flatlanders is important
  • It’s good to make connections and try to get to know members of the community

Step 4 – Interview

  • Follow-up meeting(s) with the leadership team to discuss goals, anticipated length of stay, Flatlanders’ schedule, expectations, financial details etc.

Step 5 – Discernment

  • There is usually between one to two weeks of community discussion prior to a final decision about an applicant is made

Step 6 – Decision