What Is Flatlanders Inn?

In technical terms, Flatlanders Inn is two things:

  • We are “transitional housing for people who are at risk of homelessness.”
  • We are also a community of people who live intentionally and purposefully and communally in the North End of Winnipeg.

We invite neighborhood folk, wanderers, seekers, foreigners and those needing a positive and supportive living environment to join Flatlanders Inn so that they can get their feet back under them.  We are creating a way of life that is not solely concerned with getting people into good physical living situations.  We look at why some people become ‘at risk of homelessness’ in the first place, and ask what might have contributed to this situation.  We also concern ourselves with the whole person (taking care to address social, emotional, physical, economic, mental, and spiritual needs) and want to see healing come to every area of each person who lives here.

Flatlanders Inn is an intentional Christian community that is a ministry of Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church.  Each person in the community has purposefully chosen to live here and offer themselves to each other.  This means that we work at loving and respecting each other, as well as listen to, learn from, and challenge each other.  We want to build healthy relationships together, with God, and with the earth itself.  Of course there are many barriers to building healthy relationships, and part of our community life is recognizing and removing these barriers so we can grow together and as individuals.

Everyone who who lives at Flatlanders Inn’s contributes to its overall functioning and receives some of the benefits of being part of a community like ours.  We believe that everyone is created in the image of God, and that we’re all given gifts to share with one another.  We believe humans are created to be in community.

Flatlanders Inn might be comprised of families or individuals, old, young, married or single.  Ultimately, we’re creating an atmosphere that is a positive living space for shelter, healing, and growth – a safe place to work through life’s difficulties, celebrate life’s successes, and everything in between.

SO, …. Flatlanders Inn is:

  • An intentional community
  • Transitional housing (hotel zoning)
  • Furnished
  • Part of the Vineyard church (Winnipeg Centre Vineyard)
  • Concerned with the whole person (physical, mental, emotional, social, economic and spiritual)

Flatlanders Inn is not:

  • An apartment building
  • A detox centre
  • Emergency shelter
  • A food bank


If you are looking for printable information, here is our 2020 brochure and community handbook.