Flatlanders Turns 10

10th annivThis summer, Flatlanders Inn celebrated our 10th anniversary. Excited to have not only survived our first decade but to be thriving, we invited our church and community to celebrate with us.

Flatlanders residents shared during the church’s Sunday service on May 28th then invited our church community upstairs to tour our space, have lunch with us, and enjoy the fruits of our “bake off”. We heard reflections from Flatlanders residents, and we were excited to have some Flat-landers alumni come back to celebrate with us.

Recordings from the morning can be found on the church website here.

Flatlanders also commissioned a mural in our third-floor hallway. The name of each person who has lived here (112 people and counting) is written at the bottom of one of the stalks of wheat, with room for more names to be added. Each person who has lived and spent time at Flatlanders has impacted us in some way, and we are grateful for all of you as we celebrate this milestone together.

wheat wall


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